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" I am using drawing as a method for investigating the perceptual experience. I'm interested in why we perceive reality as it is and tests both the limits and potential of visual perception. My process follows a systematic method of working - experimenting with factors such as grid structure, graphite tones, repetition, shading technique and space. This allows me to focus more closely on the concepts being explored. 

The aim of my work is to disrupt the notion that by simply perceiving how the world is we are simultaneously creating it. I consider the concept of interference in visual systems in order to convey our perception of reality as fluid and ever changing. Each factor is therefore altered in order to create a variety of visual possibilities. The potential of each variation is often exhausted resulting in a series of drawings. " 

Spinning Tones, 2016
Pencil Pressure, 2013
Degree Show, 2013
Mountainscapes, 2012