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Sian Dorman

‘Bold, enthusiastic, gutsy, experimental, contrasting, textural, rich and intricate are all words that could be used to describe my creations. I love to work with a variety of Medias, materials and processes, pushing myself further, self-motivating and researching the inspiring world around me.

Research is a key part of all creative processes, although my predominant specialism is in Textiles, I enjoy the incorporation of a broad-spectrum of methods within the research stage. Drawing, Painting, Photography, Film and sculpture frequently form the basis of development for my fabric collections.

As a mixed media artist I am process driven and do not like to limit my materials to just fabric, I like to work with structure rather than limp flat fabrics. Wood and Thermoplastic make up a vast part of my body of work. one of the largest arguments presently that widely separates schooling from university is the constant back and forth battle of  whether or not a creation is still classed as ‘textiles’ once solid objects are combined.  I am curious to find out exactly what happens to our plastic waste once it’s ‘recycled’.

Invasion of Space- Navy, Blue, Black, Purple drawing
Invasion of space- Primary colourway sculpture, recycled materials
Invasion of space- Primary two colourway sculpture, recycled materials
Twisted and strange. Fabric sculpture
Little horrors sculpture