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Sebastião Castelo Lopes

" It is what it is, but it can be something else.

My work is an exploration of the creation of form and the sensible experience that the viewer can have with the form. It is a study of shape, structures, material, space, mark-making, textures, tones and contrasts.  I’m interested to discover what shape could work in a specific space and in what material could that shape work better, making the works nothing but an attempt to create an object that works for a specific space.

In my recent pieces, I’m exploring the idea of structures that tell the story of their own making. The pieces reflect this concept in two different ways; one is from a destructive perspective – for this I usually use geometric figures, and my intention is to destroy their rigid and strict lines with organic interventions that reveal the internal structure of the object. The second way has to do with the making of the object itself - I work with the intension of understanding weight, balance and surface, creating a dialogue related to the architectural container of the piece.


The relation that the viewer can have with the pieces is a preoccupation from the beginning of the construction of the works. The pieces invite the viewer to look, to move around, to read and to touch them.But even being the sensory experience a major concern in my work, I do not think that the piece fails if the viewer gives them another meaning.

The relation that the maker and the viewer have with the work does not have to be the same. "

White Cubes
White Cubes
What is this picture but a fragment?
What is this picture but a fragment?
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