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" My work looks to question sociopolitical constructs and address issues around sexuality and our shared anxieties and desires. By using myself as the subject, I like to depict fantastical versions of life events and hybrids of friends and family make up the characters.

I want my work to make people laugh, that’s maybe the most important thing. Experimentation also really propels me; when it comes to painting I feel that accidents provide a lot of soul.

As well as humour I also like to have an underlying sense of cynicism in each piece I create. A successful painting for me has a distinct feeling of unrest and also something a bit perverse, whilst still allowing the audience to be sympathetic to the situation. Marrying these two emotional components is really important for me when creating a story."

What’s she doing here?

Samuel Eyles

The day we went to bangor
Daddy always understood
It’s a shame about divers
When you see me walking around with him