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Rosie Crawley

" I manipulate the human figure in order to convey our unfamiliar futures. I use the young figure to stress the uncertainty of human life. My practice responds to an individual’s personal experience of a traumatic disturbance, in this modern world our futures are unpredictable and at any minute something could turn them upside down. Often when we panic, we forget the order of events that have affected us; this idea is explored in my painting. The fusion of fragmented imagery and geometric shapes creates tension within the painting, allowing narrative to build. What we see as beautiful today might not be tomorrow; this is the power of my practice. It is an attempt to right the wrongs of my experiences, as I perceive them. 

A & E, 170X150cm
Boys at the Beach, 160 x 200 cm
Only Twenty People on a wall, 150 x 160 cm
Triptych for Interim
Rupert 23 , 140 x 120 cm