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Peter Bradley

" My practice is concerned with concepts of social constructivism, particularly with respect to Identity, sex, and gender.  The increased visibility of an unlimited spectrum of gender representations in recent times and society’s reaction to this is a distinct area of interest for my studio practice.  My work is an investigation into identity presentation between and beyond the gender binary and a celebration of those who have the courage to be true to themselves and express who they are. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of modern masculinity and the increasingly widespread acceptance that what makes you male is not what makes you a man.

Using a mix of realism, minimalism, and expressionism to explore the interaction of the figure with space, the aim is to create charged environments for the figure to interact with.  Using colour, pattern, shape, transparency, and layered composition, the figure inhabits an abstract space. These multi-plane geometric environments focus attention on both the physical and psychological presence of the subject, visualising both an external manifestation of internal questioning and the desire to ‘find your place’. "   

The masculine potential, Oil on canvas
Anima, Oil on canvas
Niche, Mixed media on cradled wood panel
Alpha, Oil on canvas
Context, Oil on canvas panel