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" My practice explores the notion of travel, passing through a landscape, which seems both familiar and foreign. Through questioning my role as the onlooker, I investigate the ideas surrounding the contemporary pilgrimage and the experience of being elsewhere. It is interesting to question the purpose of these journeys and whether we do seek a form of modern enlightenment. With changes in society come changes within our ever-expanding, globalized landscape. Is the lure of escapism in the painted landscape suggestive of a hopeless modern dream of returning to nature?

The painting process is of great importance in my work. The fluidity of the medium often dictates the path of the painting and thereby the paint itself is an act of depiction. Water is a recurring motif in my work. I am inspired by painters such as Helen Frankenthaler who dilute the paint to such a point that it resembles water’s alluring, fleeting quality. This enigmatic substance is the source of everything in our world; as a form it is constantly redefining and reshaping itself, in the same way materials continually govern my paintings. 

He dwelled in dream -Oil on Canvas, 150x110cm
Lowlands - Oil on Canvas, 130 x 130 cm
Mixed media on paper
Lunar escapade - Oil on Canvas, 140 x 120cm
Our window - Oil on Canvas, 50 x 50cm