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Giulia Cacciuttolo

" My research about space started from the concept of the “oneiric” house described by Bachelard. The house became concept of shelter and refuge also on a psychological level.

Bachelard defines 'dream home' - in which we are free to daydream - the place where our mind lives and creates. Instinctively, it takes the form of the place we are most familiar, and that makes us feel safe: our starting model is undoubtedly the home of our childhood. This house embodies not only the home, but it is also the incarnation of our dreams. This house has the power to trigger our memories.

There are two different realities of the house – the physical one and the oneiric one – and they are strongly linked. Our way to experience both is born in the same place and in the same moment: in our early ages. What we experience in one, inevitably affect the other. "

The places we left behind series: The frames
The places we left behind series: The chair
The places we left behind series: The chair