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" I inflict trauma, wounding, tears and gravity on to the canvases’ surface, through a very physical way of experimentation: soaking, adding, ripping off and stitching. Throughout these processes, I encounter accident, chance, error and frustration, that are embraced as a form of mark marking. Layers are built, generating tension within the materials.

Additionally, the canvases commute around London, meet individuals, are pressed into a sewing machine and become dirty and dusty in the studio. As a result, their appearance evolves, translating the processes that the canvases’ surfaces go through and exposing their fragility and slowly they decay. My intentions are to materialise the effects of the passage of time through mark making, as well as manifesting a map of my own individual experiences (personal biography). 

The motivations and concerns in my art practice allude to laceration of the human body and the nature of repairing and healing. However, the works’ surfaces reveal evidence of themselves as living entities, behaving like organic bodies and reflecting different stages of the life and death of human skin. On close inspection, the canvases display both their insides and outsides, inviting an intimate relationship with the viewer. I investigate this performative relationship between the work and the viewer, and aim to offer a tactile experience by way of vision and denying the possibility of touch.

For these reasons, my work opens up spaces to think about my own relationship with skin and surface, as a symbolic border that separates and connects me to others. By embodying the materials’ surfaces, skin can be acknowledged within its folds, creases, tension and movement, while collapsing and constraining to reveal skins and bodies in themselves."   

In the flesh


Folding Gravity series

Skin installation side view

Detail of Contusion on the left