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" Through the mediums of sculpture, print, video, and light installations, I play with the juxtaposition of organic and non-organic materials. These range from fallen tree trunks and autumn leaves gathered on forest walks to synthetic flocking fibres and LED lighting. This contrast is highlighted by my conscious use of fluorescent and high vis colours and geometric forms. The work can be temporary and fleeting or in contrast solid and permanent but always with a conscious awareness of waste and the sustainability of the materials and processes I use. 

The exploration of these materials stem from my interest in the complex relationship between humans and the natural world. How we manipulate and try to control our environments and vice versa. The work addresses our desire to try to regulate this relationship and highlights the implications of these actions. It also explores the common misconception that nature is an autonomous entity existing independently from the human race and how thinking in this way has been a useful tool as well as a destructive one. I am keen to find a link between the orders imposed by humans on the natural world, as well as the orders and self-regulating systems that are inherently embedded in nature. How these manifest themselves in mathematical forms and patterns, that we so often replicate and manipulate in the design and architecture of our lives, also informs the work. 

The People's Forest -Untreated tree trucks, LED light stips, 1.5mX0.5m X 7 pieces
The People's Forest -Untreated tree trucks, LED light stips, 1.5mX0.5m 
Tidied - Dried leaves and adhesive, 20cm X 20cm X 5 
Tidied - Dried leaves and adhesive, 20cm X 20cm 
Vegetable or Mineral? - Bronze, 15cm X 30cm