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Bella Hull

" I work with both painting and collage, dealing with the fragmentation and de-familiarizing of images, isolating textures as shapes.  I am drawn to the fluidity of textiles and drapery and juxtaposing this against clean cut shapes and edges. My collage works are familiar but indeterminate forms. Collage is at the heat of my paintings, a process which is driven by instinct.  I am interested in bringing the cut and paste element to painting. For me, my work is a lexicon of patch-worked fragments and a weaving together process which is comparable to poetry. The process of selecting and arranging my work is intuitive, yet I feel that the isolation of constructed forms somehow communicates a senseless logic and a system to ambiguous details."

Tomorrow, oil on canvas                                         
Untitled, Oil and resin on wood
Untitled, Oil on wood
Untitled, Paper Collage
Untitled, Paper Collage