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Albert Bonay

" My work focuses on a investigative approach of different aspects of the human condition, especially on questions of identity and sexuality. With In producing work I often research my subjects thoroughly and traces of this process visually materialize in a variety of references that range from mass media imagery, art history and Internet culture.

I am interested in the application of visual metaphors and in questioning the stretch and limit of symbolism as informed by theory and practice, exploring its evolution and relevance in contemporary visual culture. Informed by my educational journey in painting and my postgraduate background in documentary photography, I developed a strong fascination for the materiality of objects and images. My work is thus also concerned with transforming documents, sourced and indexed imagery from the Internet as an investigative approach to the representation of our visual contemporary imaginary and unconscious."

Testigos arquitectónicos series
Testigos arquitectónicos series
Testigos arquitectónicos series
Mirror series ~ Horse cock
They used to call me faggot