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Adrian Penu


" It brings me great satisfaction to be able to share my work with other people and it inspires me to continue creating and developing my craft. Even when the odds are not on my side, I keep a positive approach towards painting as it represents the best medium through which I can grow as an individual and be able to share this experience with others.


I find inspiration from my immediate surroundings: the local dinner, the station, storefront facades, and I also pay attention to non-verbal communication between people (the intent in a gesture, a posture, a face) and that is precisely, yet painterly what I bring to the canvas. Working primarily in acrylic, often employing bold colours and emotive tableaux in a post-impressionistic manner, I am experimental in my work, but also adhering to more established styles, such as impressionism, with a touch of realism or symbolism."


At the Brasserie