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Artigon is a creative social start-up that is aimed at promoting young artists. Our vision is to collaborate with and exhibiting exciting emerging artists. Organize inspiring art workshops and pop up exhibitions in various locations in and outside London, feature artists and sell art and prints. We understand that cultural poverty is a major issue therefore we want to take art everywhere we can and help artists show and sell their work. 

Artigon is much more than just a conventional gallery. It is a platform where passionate creatives can fight off their uncertainties and build up experience dealing with the general public. It aims to inspire artists carry on making artwork, meet and collaborate with new artists and encourage them to participate in learning programs, lectures and DIY workshops. 

In Artigon we believe that increasing arts accessibility can only be achieved by working together and so we are looking to collaborate with artists, individuals, local groups, businesses, studios and anyone else who would like to be involved in this artistic effort. There is so much we can achieve when we are working together…

Evgenia Douka

Founder & Director of Artigon